ECU remapping and tuning

We're one of the UK's leading mobile remapping and chip tuning specialists. As much as a 50% gain in power and up to 20% improvement in fuel efficiency can be achieved. We specialise in custom remapping and chip tuning for ECU‘s found in most modern vehicles to provide you with the very best results every time. We have years of experience in all levels of tuning from mechanical to electronic. 
ECU remapping and tuning

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Whether it is a remap for performance, economy, or a good balance of both, we can help. We have the very latest in engine tuning technology allowing us to provide a remap to your exact requirements.

Custom ECU remapping

Our custom remaps will provide you with the best tuning solution available. They are designed to suit your needs whilst being at a competitive price.


Most engines are controlled by an on-board computer (ECU). This communicates many things back to the car but importantly for us it dictates how your vehicle drives. We are able to modify the way in which this communication happens to open the true potential without any performance compromises.

90% of vehicles from 1999 onward are programmed remotely through the diagnostic port (OBD). The ECU is untouched and there is no replacement chip, meaning there is greatly reduced risk of any damage during the procedure. On vehicles that don’t fall into this category depending on model variation, the ECU will be programmed on a bench (BDM machine). Our factory-trained technicians have extensive experience doing this without compromising on quality.

A diagnostic check is always carried out before we start programming the car. The modified file is then loaded on to the vehicle, following which the vehicle is road-tested to make sure everything is operating as it should be. A final diagnostic check is then done to give the all clear for any fault codes or conflicts before handover.

Can the original settings be re-installed?

We backup the original file settings on our database so the original file can always be uploaded back onto the vehicle.

Is there a limit to how many times a vehicle can be remapped?

There is no limit to the number of times a vehicle can be remapped, we are constantly improving our optimisation software and so further gains may be possible in the future.

Are there any risks involved with remapping a vehicle?

As long as each step in the process is followed correctly there is minimum risk involved.

Is remapping the same as chipping?

Chipping is an older version of what remapping is today. Chipping involves the ECU being physically opened, replacing the main microchip with a modified microchip. This invalidates the warranty. Our method means we never have to open the ECU. Remapping carries a much lower risk than chipping, as we are building on the vehicles original map, which is specific to that vehicle, rather than a generic map, which in turn may not give the customer the optimum performance they are after.

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